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Masonry heaters are an exceptionally clean way to use wood fuel. Because the fire in a masonry heater is short, hot and intense, it creates very little smoke. The intense heat of the fire consumes virtually all the fuel in the combustion chamber, so almost no dangerous creosote is produced to clog the chimney or run the risk of chimney fires. Residual ashes are dense, and easily removed from the heater’s ash collection container. Homes heated with masonry heaters stay cleaner and less dusty; walls and furniture don’t become smoke-stained.

Families with children and pets must exercise extra caution with traditional wood stoves because their metal surfaces can become hot enough to cause burns. And fireplaces can spew out stray sparks or flare up. But a masonry heater’s surface is safe and comfortably warm; in fact, many masonry heaters incorporate built-in benches for curling up with a good book.

Masonry heaters generate healthful heat too. Relative humidity remains constant, eliminating the parched, dry air typical of other heating systems - making them particularly attractive to people with asthma.