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Rod Zander of New England Hearth & Soapstone LLC in Goshen, Connecticut, has a national reputation as a master designer and builder, and is renowned by homeowners and contractors alike for his meticulously engineered one-of-a-kind soapstone masonry heaters. Although he began his career as a cabinetmaker and woodworker, the masonry heater he installed in his own home so intrigued him that he sought out the best craftsmen and technicians to learn everything he needed to know about masonry heaters. Using a global network of contacts he acquired within the field, Zander became knowledgeable about the interior mechanics of the heaters by building them, and adapted construction methods to comply with modern building codes. His travels took him to factories and quarries in Sweden, Finland and Nova Scotia, where he absorbed the time-honored skills of master craftsmen to hone his engineering, stonecutting and design abilities.